Our 2023 Poker Run hosted by the Connecticut Chapter was a huge success! Check back in summer/fall of 2024 for details on the next Poker Run, hosted by the Ninety-Nines!

The New England Poker Run is one our 99s traditions, and our biggest fundraiser of the year! All are welcome to participate. Information on the 2024 Poker Run will become available in the coming months.

Each chapter of the New England Section of the 99s takes turns hosting the Poker Run – our Connecticut Chapter just finished hosting the most successful Poker Run yet in October 2023, with almost 40 planes participating.

Each year, 5 airports are chosen as stops, with one airport designated as the terminus. Pilots fly to the 5 airports to collect cards to add to their poker hands, which are ranked according to poker rules once arriving at the terminus. Following lunch and ranking of hands, a prize ceremony is held! Pilots are NOT required to fly to each airport to participate. In fact, you don’t need to fly at all to buy a hand and try your shot at winning!

2023 Poker Run – Connecticut Chapter
2024 Poker Run – Eastern New England Chapter
2025 Poker Run – Postponed for International Conference
2026 Poker Run – Katahdin Wings Chapter

Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Poker Run!

Hosted by the Connecticut Ninety-Nines